Part Two: Hellos and Goodbyes (birth story)

I hate being pregnant. It’s not about glowing and being some lovely, maternal goddess. It’s uncomfortable. It’s exhausting. It’s counting down the endless number of days until you get to meet the little person. Which I was positive was never, ever, ever going to happen. We hit all the milestones: thirty weeks; thirty-five weeks; a… Continue reading Part Two: Hellos and Goodbyes (birth story)


Part One: Discovering Pudding (birth story)

Something wasn’t right. We had just returned from our annual weekend away in Melbourne: two glorious child-free nights spent drinking and dining around the city. Yet instead of feeling relaxed and refreshed, I was depressed. I spent the entire night sobbing on the lounge room floor for no apparent reason. Everything felt overwhelmingly dark and… Continue reading Part One: Discovering Pudding (birth story)