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Travel with Kids: a survival guide

In two days, we are taking our four children on a grand adventure (read: horror story). In the early hours of Tuesday morning, we will be boarding a flight that will take us across the country to Perth, where we will be staying for a week.. Four hours on a plane with four children. That's… Continue reading Travel with Kids: a survival guide

Reationships Are Tricky

Part Three: Roses in her Garden (remembering my grandmother)

Her house smelled of roast dinners. Every time I cook pork or stew apples, I’m taken back twenty years: running around the farm with my cousins while waiting to eat. There were always the old, colourful building blocks out in the lounge room to play with. We would strive to build the biggest pyramid. I… Continue reading Part Three: Roses in her Garden (remembering my grandmother)


Part Two: Hellos and Goodbyes (birth story)

I hate being pregnant. It’s not about glowing and being some lovely, maternal goddess. It’s uncomfortable. It’s exhausting. It’s counting down the endless number of days until you get to meet the little person. Which I was positive was never, ever, ever going to happen. We hit all the milestones: thirty weeks; thirty-five weeks; a… Continue reading Part Two: Hellos and Goodbyes (birth story)


Being Mama to Four: My First Week of Parenting Too Many Children.

It's been a week since we welcomed little 'Fred into the world, and it has been ... intense. In other words: "flipping insane; really who thought four small people (including three under-four) would be a good idea?!" We did. Suckers. I've found myself reduced to being nothing but a walking life support machine; the sole purpose of… Continue reading Being Mama to Four: My First Week of Parenting Too Many Children.

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Seventeen days. That's all the time between us and sweet, sweet freedom. Actually, to be more precise: it's sixteen days and eighteen minutes until we escape the wonky old cottage and the chaos contained within its walls. And yes, you bet your butt I'm counting down. Every year my mother and father take the brave… Continue reading Seventeen.

Being Wifekins

Dreaming and Scheming

I've been sitting on this post for a little while now. Which sounds silly,. but honestly  it's a little scary; it feels weirdly vulnerable and awkward. Since childhood I have never enjoyed sharing my ideas. I have problems with rejection and failure, so often choose the path of avoidance instead. You know, until I go… Continue reading Dreaming and Scheming