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New Years Resolutions (the things I may or may not do in 2018)

It’s 2018! I generally love a new year. Clean slate, new me, all those clichés apply here. Though, this year I’m not feeling it so much. Last year was one of the most eventful periods I have ever experienced. I’m still exhausted from it all. Here’s a short recap of 2017:

I worked through two thirds of my Professional Writing and Editing Course.

We welcomed our fourth child into the world.

We lost my grandmother that same day.

My father in law was diagnosed with cancer. It’s terminal.

We took the four kids on a vacation to Perth to see him and family.

My general anxiety disorder became more prominent, and I started therapy.

After the rockiest year with our eldest, we decided to leave mainstream school and plan to home school instead.

While last year was incredibly hard, I’m a little reluctant to let it go. As I grow older, I feel time pass more urgently. My grandmother now passed away ‘last year.’ Our baby is closer to being a toddler than a newborn. This year I will stop breastfeeding and making purees. By the end of the year, my baby will be running around with the rest of the children. I’m already forgetting the new baby smell, and the sound of a newborn cry. My two-year-old is suddenly speaking full sentences and climbing up things that are surely way too high. My pre-schooler is zooming around on a bike too fast. The big kid is reading Roald Dahl and Harry Potter, and going on bike rides and walks alone.

Their childhoods are moving, and I can’t grasp them tight enough. Their youth is slipping through my fingers, I’m not sure I’ll fully capture it before it’s too late. I’m reluctant to let another year go by, letting them grow up so much more. But, such is time. And we must move on.

So, 2018 is going to be a big one. A year of great change. I want to slow down some areas of my life, and speed up others.

Here’s my somewhat realistic goals of 2018:

Grow more things.

Create more things.

Read more things.

Begin our home school adventure.

Work towards a healthier, active, and sustainable lifestyle.

Enjoy being myself more.

Write my first book!

This is supposed to be motivating and relaxing, but if you see me looking stressed throughout the year, you’ll know why.

So, happy new year, dear friends. May it be peaceful, creative and full of good coffee and ample sleep. All the best xo


Do you set goals or make new years resolutions? Tell me about it! Leave a comment below, or on Facebook + Twitter.


3 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions (the things I may or may not do in 2018)”

  1. So sorry to hear about your grandmother passing in 2017 but you also created a life as well! Her spirit is still here! Amazing resolutions! Create more is such a great one 😉 I hope you resolutions are successful! Great post and look forward to your other post.
    Thank you for sharing!

    I would love for you to check out my latest blog post xx

    Liked by 1 person

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