Being Wifekins

I’m A Giant Whale Mum With No Chill

Hello, friends!
I’ve neglected you again. Sorry-not-sorry and all that.

Here’s where we’re up to in the life of Being Wifekins:

>> Life with children is bananas.

>> I know it’s a little late, but I’m just starting to freak out about having this fourth kid. I mean, that’s a lot of kids.

>> I’m due to have this baby in four weeks. And I have suddenly realised that that is not many weeks.

>> I have only just started getting organised for this baby’s arrival. And to be honest, I’m still being pretty lazy about it.

>> Which is giving me a little anxiety, to be honest.

>> I’m half way through this course. Woo! I was hoping to be further though by now. Boo.

>> School is back today! YES! No more school holiday madness and HELLO horrid rigid routine.

>> Oh, and it’s autumn so I’m back making things at Rocker Crochet Mama. Pretty little baby beanies and my favourite slouches are in store now, so go take a look.

So, to summarise: I’m exhausted. Being almost thirty-six weeks pregnant means my body just wants to fall apart and / or sleep for a thousand years. Benji and I are feeling a little strapped for time around all of the kids needs (plus you know, work and the horrid life of an adult) so we’re getting pretty run down. Thankfully, this season will not last forever and we’ll remember what true sleep deprivation looks like in another few short weeks. HOORAY.

For now, though, I’m bouncing between frazzled mum-brain and bouncy-creative-brain… while always being time poor. So while that is incredibly frustrating, I’m planning on making the most of my time and writing as much as I possibly can before the last little monster arrives.

So make sure you’ve liked the Facebook Page and have found me on Twitter to keep up with the latest writings and ramblings.
You’re the best xo







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