Being Wifekins

Five Things About You (Me)

We’re playing a little game over on the Being Wifekins Facebook page (go like it here!). I’m asking you to share five things about yourself. Or more, or less; as personal or impersonal as you like. There’s been a couple of great responses so far – I’m excited to learn more! So head on over and join us, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

I think it’s only fair that I share a little about myself too. Here goes!

Five Things About Me: 

  1. I had my first baby at 19. That wasn’t the plan, but I wouldn’t have life any other way.
  2. I’m a terrible student. I get decent marks but I struggle with procrastination and perfectionism. I’ve studied Event Management, Community Services, Youth Work and now Professional Writing and Editing. I’ve finally found my thing!
  3. I met my husband on Twitter. My sister made it quite clear that he could be a serial killer when I dragged her out to meet him with me for the first time in St. Kilda. But I married him in the end, so I win.
  4. I’m more of an introvert than I ever thought I was. I don’t feel the need to see people often, and need time to myself to maintain good mental health. I’m sure this has lead to lost friendships and strained relationships, but it’s important for me to have that space in order to stay sane. I’m also very quiet in groups until I get to know everyone very well. That doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions or ideas, I just don’t feel the need to share them often.
  5. I’m quite tall. Not compared to the rest of my six foot family, but you know, compared to the average lady height. I often feel like I’d rather be short and cute, but height is a weird thing to get caught up on I guess. I do have strangely short legs though, so buying jeans is always a hassle.

So that’s me done. It’s your turn! Feel free to post in the comments or go find me on Facebook (Being Wifekins).

Thanks for playing! xo


1 thought on “Five Things About You (Me)”

  1. 1. I’m not a serial killer. True fact. I’m going to stop before this sounds sarcastic and people think I am a serial killer.
    2. I’ve started 5 university degrees and completed 0. I do have a diploma in warehouse though.
    3. I always thought i was an extrovert. But i think maybe I’m one of those extroverted introverts with anxiety problems. Yeah, my head can be a fun place.
    4. I like taking photos and with I’d gotten more serious with it earlier. But you get that. As if I’m serious now and my favourite camera is not my instax mini 25.
    5. Everything I say sounds sarcastic. This is verifiable by anyone that has heard me speak. My voice is probably also more ostrayan than you imagine. Unless you imagine crocodile Dundee. That’s not an accent, this is an accent.


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