Being Wifekins

Things My Kids Taught Me

Six o’clock this morning and all three children (plus the house panther) have decided to begin their day. That means it’s time for fighting, screaming, crying, running, manic laughter, high demands and the token sullen child trying to zombie out in front of the television. 

Amongst all this, I’m seated on the couch, clutching a luke-warm instant coffee and trying to ignore the world. There’s only so much shouting an adult brain can handle before seven. Older and wiser folk have told me that this is the best time of the day. Perhaps this is true, if you can be up alone without having to look at, listen to or pretend to like anyone before chugging two cups of coffee. 

Half a coffee down, and I found myself reflecting on the antics of my children. Each day is new with something to learn and explore. Here’s some of the things they have taught me:

Patience. Slowing down. A sense of humor. To cherish the moments.

– hahahahaha here’s the real list –

Things My Kids Have Taught Me:

Someone else’s food is the best food. Even if it’s exactly the same as yours. 

Your parents are only sometimes grumpy if you wake them up before six, so it’s worth the risk. 

Anything on television is worth watching. Even if it’s boring. You watch that crap.

There’s enough time in the day for just about everything – except finishing a cup of coffee while it’s hot. 

The Wiggles are the best band in the world.

Human bodies make the best car race tracks. 

There is literally no point to tidying up. Ever. 

Jokes don’t have to make sense to be hysterical. 

Clean piles of laundry belong on the floor.

Scrambled eggs are a food group. 

Every day is new, with a fresh amount of love, grace and forgiveness. There’s nothing a good rest can’t fix. 

What lessons have you learned from your kids? Do share in the comments!
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