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The Mama Musings: This Week

We’re on week three of summer school holidays, and I haven’t shut my head in the oven. Yet. I mean, it’s week three of six, there’s still time.

It’s not just me who hates the school holidays, right? Yes, I enjoy the company of all my children equally. Yes, it is lovely to spend time with them all. You know what would be even lovelier still? If they didn’t want to murder each other all day long. All day, every day – including Christmas, Easter and particularly summer holidays.

This week we took them all down to Melbourne town for a little overnight getaway. Fun, right? Good ol’ family time. Maybe, if by “good” you mean exhausting. Benji and I need a fortnight long holiday to recover, I feel. No body sleeps when you go travelling. What’s with that? Sleep is the best.

But we’re home now, and slowly getting back to normality.
I’ve survived grocery shopping with all three of them.
We braved the local pool.
The baby refuses to nap.
And I’m spending most of my time breaking up fights and pretending there’s vodka in this orange juice I’m kicking back.


At least it’s nacho night.




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