Being Wifekins

The Mama Musings: the Wonky Old Cottage

When we purchased this house – our first home – I was in love. The cottage was quaint, charming and quirky. It needs a little renovating, sure. But we’ll put in the love and make it work.

Fast forward eighteeen months, and the cracks are starting to show. Literally. This cottage is old. It is tired. It has been through a very poor, dodgy renovation with substandard materials. What looked fine on the surface (not to mention the inspector’s report) is starting to deteriorate underneath. The ‘recently renovated’ bathroom is not waterproof, at all. The house is basically on the ground, the floors are sloped and the walls are warped. The roof joins (from old cottage to renovated rooms) in ways that doesn’t drain efficiently, so the rain comes through into the house.

I could go on.

Where do you start?  How do you finance such a massive job, with a mortgage and one income? On the other hand – how do you raise three kids, with another on the way, in a house that is quite literally falling apart?

I honestly don’t know. We have to demolish at least the removated half of the house, and rebuilding the original cottage may not be worth the cost. I adore the high ceilings and old touches, but it’s such a massive job at a massive price. I get a headache just thinking about this.

Why is being an adult so complicated?

In the meantime I need to pour myself into my study and writing so that I might be able to help provide financially one of these days.

Stay tuned, I guess.
Any advice on either renovating homes or writing for a career is most definitely welcome.


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