Being Wifekins

Resolutions Schmesolutions

It’s the new year! Do you know what that means?
It’s time to purchase all of the stationary. ALL. OF. IT.

That, and it’s time to do the traditional Writing of the Lists Full of Things We Will Not Do This Year. We humans are funny creatures, aren’t we?

I actually love the idea of new year’s resolutions. There’s just something energising and motivating about writing down what you want to accomplish. Now, I’m guessing most accomplished and motivated people actually do this on a regular basis. We should probably rename ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ to ‘Ideas for January’.
See, I did a new year’s post for 2016, and I didn’t do any of that at all.

Yet, here we are! I’m doing another one!
Suck it, Jess, you’re going to participate in pointless tradition!

Things I May or May Not Do In 2016:

  1. Read the Bible in One Year.
    Yes, I started this last year. But I tried to tackle the heavy parts of the OT first and oh my goodness I nearly died. I’ll be a little more bible-savvy this year.
  2. Get Organised + Self Disciplined
    I can not keep my house tidy, let alone organised. I have no real routine or structure for just about anything. And while that sounds lovely and care-free – it’s really not! I’m not a relaxed person at all, and I’d really like to change that.
  3. Write More + Make More
    Because it’s what I love most.
  4. Embrace My Strengths and Creativity More
    Self doubt, insecurities and anxiety are such killers. I’m somewhat arrogant enough to believe I have something to offer the world. I should at least embrace that, instead of being embarrassed by it.
  5. Provide Better Emotional Support for My Family
    This sounds like an obvious thing that parents and spouses do. But honestly, some days it’s a lot of hard work.
  6. Get Involved in Community
    I actually have to actively work on getting out of the house, hashtag introvert problems. But I really want to commit myself to getting to know people and actively being a part of my local community more. No matter how hard that feels.
  7. Be a Better Friend
    A little like the above. I’m learning to be more generous with my time and energy.
  8. Love Better
    Generous. Hospitable. Gracious. Forgiving. Compassionate.
    All things I need to work on desperately.


So my year is starting to look like an emotional hurricane! I’m sure all the stretching and expanding will do wonders for my mind and heart.


What does 2017 look like for you?




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