Being Wifekins

The Mama Musings: and a stinky new year

We welcomed 2017 the way any other close, loving family would – continuing the gastro virus we’ve been passing one by one for over a week now. 

It’s glorious isn’t it, family life? Gone are the days of staying up into the wee hours of the morning, drunkenly dancing the year away. Now it’s trying to keep your eyes open past ten pm, praying the kids sleep through and cleaning up baby spew at three in the morning. 

And we’re still one man standing – the three year old is yet to catch the plague. I’m sure it is going to be delightful. In a poopy, spewy kind of way.

For now I’m off to sloppily down nachos and toss back lemonade like its vodka.

Happy stinkin’ new year’s, darlings. 


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