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A Little Announcement

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for awhile. We’re going through a lot of change here at the Wonky Old Cottage, and I think it’s time to share some news with you:


It’s a big deal for us, as the one we have is fairly large already. And it wasn’t that long since we purchased it, to be honest. But that’s life I guess, always moving, changing and growing.

And really, it’s getting a little cosy in there. The kids are growing in and out of different booster seats, and our puppy has transformed into a majestic horse, so she pretty much needs a seat of her own. We’re at max capacity too, so we can’t take friends or extra family out with us which is sometimes a hassle.

Oh, and we’re having another baby. 

Exciting times ahead, right? All aboard the crazy train!


If you’re wondering why I opened this announcement with the news about our new circus wheels, it’s because I figured it was the most important thing. I mean, that’s everyone’s first reaction to the news. Even when you’re merely thinking about having a fourth child: “you’ll need a bigger car!” (because you will never think of that on your own).
And when you do actually fall pregnant, you start to expect the: “don’t you know how that happens yet?!”
Which firstly, I’m 26 and have almost four children, I’m just going to say I’m efficient okay? And secondly, what response are you after? It’s probably not going to be a polite chuckle; more like a psychopathic rant about how they actually just can’t get enough of it all-day-every-day … because you do realise you’re speaking to a hormonal pregnant lady, right?

The moral of the story is: any time you would like to say anything to a pregnant woman, how about you just give her a cheeseburger instead?

Rambling tangent aside, that’s our news! We’re expecting the little monster sometime in May next year.
… less than a fortnight after the Green Day concert I’ll be attending. Giant belly be damned, it’s happening.

Okay I think it’s about time I inhale the contents of our fridge and take a nap. I’ll catch you up soon on all stuff you’ve missed in the last – three months – since I last posted.


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