Being Wifekins

Hiding Out.

Hi. Hello. Yes. How are you?
No, I’m not dead.
Maybe you’re dead?

It has been forever since I wrote anything, and I actually feel ghastly for it. The trickle of creativity slows during the winter months as I unknowingly succumb to the chaos and solitude that comes with pure survival.

In short – my brain shuts down when it’s chilly. Pathetic, but true.

But look! Spring is on it’s way! Let the motivation return and the creative juices flow like the never ending cups of coffee I am pouring!!

Honestly though, things have been a right mess lately. The baby has decided that it’s best to save all of your teeth until your first birthday and pop them all at once. She’s having a rotten time of it too, she hates sleep again and will wail all night unless she has a boob in her mouth. Which is awesome because I was just starting to ween her off.

Smash had his third birthday and my little darling has found his horns. It’s all growling and smashing and fighting these days, which is super delightful.

And Boo broke her arm a few weeks back, so we’ve been adjusting to not being as independent as we’d like. And missed out on swimming at school, so that was a bummer.

Then there’s the Husband and I craving change but having no idea how to actually turn our ideas into a reality.  It takes time and all, but I am no way known for being the Queen of Patience. I am infact the opposite. More like Queen of HURRY UP AND GET ON WITH IT ALREADY LIFE OKAY I’M DONE LET’S MOVE ON NOW PLEASE.

And then there’s me and my own stuff. I have study – which, while I ace the assessments I hand in, I’m still really bad at handing them in. I have the house to manage and children to wrangle. Oh and I have SIX project ideas (I had to stop and count them) – on top of the workload previously mentioned – swirling around my head all the time. Most of them writing, others creative. Some of which I’m working on, some are just developing concepts. But oh my goodness no wonder my brain has been so fried lately!

So while all this stuff – plus other things I don’t mention online – is happening around me, I start to avoid everything else. Friends, regular social commitments, extended family, church, strangers, the outside world, writing on my little blog here. All of it. I’m not selective or considerate, I’ll just ignore all of you and everything I should be doing ( read: “should” be doing) while I focus on what I feel I need to be doing. Which in this case, is surviving each day as it comes until life is on the up-swing again.

I actually don’t feel bad about that either. I always think about whether I’m hurting someones feelings by being distant or bailing on activities, but I think I’m fairly upfront about it. I need to look after myself and my family, and I actually don’t owe anyone else any of my time or even an explanation. You know, until it all splurges out of me in a blog a month or so later.

So that’s me and my life right now. Maybe I’ll come out of hiding now and post more often.
Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll be a big writing tease and just disappear for another month or too. Who knows. That Wifekins is all about the mystery…

Oh, I laughed.

Catch you here again soon



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