Being Wifekins

Dreaming and Scheming

I’ve been sitting on this post for a little while now. Which sounds silly,. but honestly  it’s a little scary; it feels weirdly vulnerable and awkward. Since childhood I have never enjoyed sharing my ideas. I have problems with rejection and failure, so often choose the path of avoidance instead. You know, until I go insane because  I have these ideas in my head that I’m not doing anything about. And we wind up here. Hello.

However, lately I’ve found that the more I talk about my ideas, the closer they seem to becoming a reality. It’s a great mental exercise, if nothing else.
So here goes: my dreams and plans for the future of The Wonky Old Cottage and Wifekins in general. 

I want to create a vibrant, active and sustainable lifestyle – inspired by freedom and creativity. I want to own our own time. I want our lifestyle to inspire our finances, not our finances to dictate our lifestyle. I want to create an opportunity for my husband to find and follow his passion. I want my household to be as self sustaining and independent as possible: to grow and create our own produce and products. I want real, proper balance. 

Here’s the thing: I don’t want a “real” career. I actually loath the idea. The notion of working for someone else has become somewhat unacceptable to me. Of course, this is coming from a place of privilege – we can afford to live off one wage so I have the luxury of choice. And please note, this is not a dividing post about how parents choose to work. I respect everyone has different ideas and needs; this is mine.

Sometimes, my wishes feel completely unrealistic. Of course we have to play by rules of structured society – we have a  mortgage for starters!  But if I just go “oh well, we have to earn money to survive so we might as well stick with what we’ve got” I will go insane. I’m half way there already. This unsettled feeling is a constant undercurrent, and the idea of change consumes me. So what to do? I’m hardly qualified in anything, and severely lacking in time and energy. It’s quite the pickle.

Here’s the plan so far:
Continuing the journey of creating a simple and sustainable household. Decluttering, planting and growing, and routinely looking at how to lower household costs. Studying and applying myself to a point where I can write freelance if the opportunity presents itself. Launching my little hobby ‘Rocker Crochet Mama’ as a small business in the next six months. Staying home with the kids to nurture and grow them into the awesome little people they are already becoming.

The aim is to eventually earn  part time wage to allow the husband the luxury of only working part time too. Then he can enjoy more time at home with the kids and I, and whatever else he’d fancy doing. I have an idea of what we could do together one day, but that dream is for another post (here’s  little insight though: it includes my three passions and interests: Christianity, feminism and social justice)

This all actually feels rather small and insignificant once I’ve written it out. But in my mind it’s huge. I don’t want anything grand – but it’s not just looking for an income, it’s creating our own life. A life not particularly of wealth, but one of freedom and independence. I crave it. I long for the day when the husband doesn’t have to leave us at home if he doesn’t want to. I’m excited to create my own opportunities to make an income, and use that business for good. It’s daunting, but exciting.

For now, I hear the baby has woken from her (super quick) slumber, and the toddler is demanding a snack. There is a mountain of laundry to tackle and a wonky cottage to straighten. A little dream and scheme gets me through the daily grind.

So, that’s mine. What’s yours?


2 thoughts on “Dreaming and Scheming”

  1. Ours is the same, just to live off the land, love the nature. Stop the ‘drama’ of what happening around us and just be 4 instead of the world. Dept free so we can just potter around doing what suits us not ‘the world’. Keep the kids informed and up today with the world as i don’t want them to feel there falling behind but keep them simple in what the want/ need. Change their values on what they see and expect. Just to sit and have a cuppa in nature with out the hassle. We do but don’t have a time limit on this as that’s an expectation and if we don’t get it done, we then feel- annoyed. So we just implement it in our daily life and soon it will change and we wont know- it will just be.


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