Being Wifekins

Slackaroni Cheese

I’m slowly rising out of the fog that has been this past fortnight. I’ve cleared off the mountain of laundry and stacks of books teetering on my desk and discovered that I do in fact have a computer. I found some dead flowers too, that was nifty.

Hi. No. Nope. Who's mum?

So during that fortnight, we’ve had rain. Drizzly rain, bucketing rain, windy sideways rain. Rain for days. A week, to be precise. During that week, we had a bug. A gastro bug that hit the husband and all three kids. I’m still waiting for it, I don’t know how it eascaped me (I’m actually SuperWoman).

So that was fun. I still haven’t caught up on housework. Like, at all. I have laundry moutaining up everywhere because it just can’t dry fast enough. Then it all dries at once and it’s too overwhelming to fold. And oh, what to do.

Look I’m just a terrible housekeeper, okay.

A tiring and unwell couple of weeks have seen us slide with our home-life commitments too. We’ve used the portable DVD player and tablet far too often to entertain the children. We’ve been using disposable nappies because I can’t keep up with washing. We’ve had lazy dinners, and not in the good, super-mum kind of way. More like, what-can-I-shove-in-the-oven-and-make-as-little-mess-as-possible kind of lazy.

Oh, and I haven’t been writing or doing my assessements either. If I could be graded on my ability to avoid all things adult, I would ace.  But no, apparently that’s not a real thing.

The main thing, I guess, is that we’ve survived. Actually, I like to think that we thrived. Thriving at chaos. Is that a thing? It’s a thing now. The children are still speaking to me, they’re clean (enough), fed and happy. Pretty sure that’s thriving amongst a stack of suckiness.

Oh, and we got a puppy so we win regardless.


And now I’m off to get the monsters ready for the day. They should be already, since we’ve been up since 5:30 but no. I’m actually a little excited to tackle this bomb site today. Just quietly, I have some ideas and plans to share with you soon. No shhhhh! They’re for another day.



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