Mothers Day

Happy mothers day to all you wonderful mamas out there! I hope you’re enjoying the day, however you celebrate.

I myself have a house full of sick people, so will be avoiding all unnecessary contact with those precious darlings. Actually, Smasher and I did mothers day yesterday as the husband was sick so we left him at home. We went out for sushi and bought plants from Bunnings. It was really very lovely. Lucky we got in early, too as I now need to go collect my eldest child from her fathers as she is unwell too. So I’ll be treating myself to a solo latte and a quick lap around K-Mart before picking up more sick supplies. How very celebratory.

First thing to address here is my mother: happy you day. I don’t even have a selfie of you or us to post, so I’ll have to improvise here with words. My mum is actually the best. She’s helpful and practical and giving and kind. She’s my first point of call for advice, in my head she just oozes wisdom. I’ll be super lucky if I grow up to be like her. I’m so blessed that we have a relationship with that I don’t just tolerate, but genuinely enjoy. I’m so thankful for the love and effort she pours into my kids and our family. My kids have a really special relationship with their G.G, it’s pleasure to witness.
So thanks mum, you’re rad.

As for me and mothers day, I’m not really into celebrating it. I mean, it’s a nice thought and all, but I’d much rather acknowledge the day-to-day appreciation my kids give me, rather than some forced effort on the day. Like, bed time chats with Boo, or big cuddles from Smash. Sometimes I think I ought to throw them a celebration day for putting up with me.

Actually, sometimes I feel like there really is something wrong with me. I just don’t have that mega-maternal super-sentimental side that we see in the fluffy mama world. I don’t watch my kids sleep and think about how precious they are. I don’t have a million glowing adjectives to describe my kids in captions under Instagram photos for strangers to see. I love my kids, they’re creative and loving and fierce and wild. However, I really don’t enjoy the weight of unrealistic expectations of the ideal mother-children relationship.

And honestly, who likes breakfast in bed, really? I remember forcing my mother through the horrid experience year after year. Cold toast and mushrooms cooked wrong. Well, it won’t be tolerated in this house. No crumbs in the bed for me, thank you. As for mothers day gifts, it’s all just a little bit weird. I mean, you see advertising picturing mothers looking lovingly at things like toasters, with happy children gathered around her. Really? Unless that toaster is self popping and can butter itself so I can spend that thirty seconds doing anything else in the morning, I’ll keep my sucky Kmart one, thank you.

Quickly moving on and dancing around until I’m past a rant about consumerism.
Okay, we’re good.

Lastly – and most importantly – to those hurting today, I’m thinking of you and praying for you. For those who have lost mothers, or are mothers who have lost children. For those who have lost relationships with their mothers. For those who struggle with infertility, or miscarriage. You’re amazing and strong and brave and you’re not alone. There’s love for you today as well.

I best go and actually tend to the sick children. And by that I mean layer up five face masks and poke them with a stick. Of course I jest, but man I really, really, really, don’t want it no thank you and please.
Have a beautiful (and safe) day xoxo



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