Being Wifekins, Motherhood

Doing Nothing.

I’ve had such a nothing week.
I still haven’t studied or written anything.
I’ve said “pooh” to the housework and ignored all other boring adult activities.

And instead, I’ve chosen sunshine. Playing in the garden and blowing bubbles. Strolls around town and visits to the library. Cuddles on the couch and talking nonsense with the toddler. Dreaming and scheming my afternoons away. Hot chips for dinner watching whatever is on Food Network. Long evening baths and letting the baby co-sleep.

I would say I choose all these things because I’m a super relaxed mum who goes where ever the day takes her, but that’s total nonsense. Truth is, I’m horribly burnt out. I’m exhausted to the point of taking a pregnancy test just to be sure that’s not the cause. I’m grumpy and frustrated and oh just so very tired.

So I did nothing. Achieved nothing. And found the world didn’t crumble around me.

I’ve had time to reflect and refocus. I’m quietly ambitious and allow that to spew out in frustration when I’m not moving towards my goals – taking it out on poor Benji instead. So I’ll be back this week, writing as often as I can and studying daily. I’ll be making cute stuff and planning more stuff.

But I’ll also be doing more nothing. More sunshine and playing in the grass. More stories and cuddles. More cups of coffee and scheming up our next adventure.
Happy mama, happy babies.
Sometimes adulting has to wait.

Sorry grown up world, I’m too busy dreaming.



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