Being Wifekins


I have absolutely nothing this week.
There, I said it.

It’s not for lack of want or trying. I’ve started countless posts, just to walk away with a Dr. Cox “naaaaaaaaaaaaah!”. I’m just a little stuck. Which is actually pretty awful once you’ve decided that this is what you’d like to do with your life. Writing, I mean – not impersonating Dr. Cox (‘Scrubs’ marathon, anyone?).

I’m just throwing up blanks. It’s not like parenting has suddenly become a breeze, nor am I overwhelmingly depressed about the monotony of my life. There’s just a wordless brick wall I keep slamming my head against.

So I’m going to walk away and carry on with my day, scowling at the computer each time I pass. It’s in the center of my house, so I’m preparing for a significant amount of scowling. In fact, there’s probably no point in changing my face in between scowls.

If you see me on the school run, I apologise in advance.




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