Today’s Questionss

What is sleep?

Why won’t my toddler poop in the toilet?

What are those energetic, bouncy, yoga-fit, skinny-latte mums? Are they real? They’re aliens, aren’t they?

How is it that I’ve lost my baby weight – yet still can’t fit into my old clothes?

What is intimacy? How do people create more than three kids?!

Why is Yo Gabba Gabba so good?

Are people going to think that I can’t create another child because I like Yo Gabba Gabba so much?

How come I can remember every word to every song ever written by The Wiggles, yet I can’t remember where I put my car keys/phone/very important documents?

Do I have clean underwear for tomorrow?

Am I able to purchase a plush mama for the babies cot? A cuddle machine? Detachable boob? Parenting robot?

Why does my husband refuse to lactate?

If I claim my toddler is The Hulk, will I be allowed to cage him for national security?

What do you mean “sleep deprived”?


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