Being Wifekins

I Do Stuff. Really.

Where did last week go? Did you take it? Naughty.

School holidays are coming to an end, my friends! High-fives all ’round. I’m pretty excited to slide on into the dull, dreary grind of daily routine. The school break kind of sucks days away into nothing. I’m sitting here in a completely trashed house –  no study done nor blogs posted for an entire week – thinking “I do stuff. I DO STUFF!” I have little or nothing to show for it, but I do. I do stuff.

Like earlier this week, we took the kids on a little adventure to Melbourne. I adore the city and itch to get out and roam the lane-ways every three months or so. Here at home I have a goat in the backyard and a sick chicken in the piano room – I am a verified country bumpkin. Anyway, it’s a little hard to take photos while trying to herd three kids through the big bad city, so I don’t have much to show for that.
Except for the best selfie in all the land.

Melbourne Selfie

These are the faces of parents without coffee.

If you are taking a trip to Melbourne with kids anytime soon, I highly recommend the museum. It’s super kid friendly. We spent hours looking and the kids were able to roam free a little. My best friend who I hadn’t seen in eighteen months came along too and it was the best.

The rest of the venture was spent going-with-the-flow. Boo and Ash learned the art of tram riding. We took a train out to see a good friend and her new baby (…as opposed to an old baby? But eeee! So squishy!). We convinced the kids to be adventurous and try a new cuisine. We looked at shops we don’t have at home. It was really, very lovely.

And then back to reality! Play dates and library visits and appointments. Chores and responsibilities (most of which I’ve managed to avoid. Phew). Days vanishing into thin air by pure virtue of the fact that it is school holidays, and therefore do not count.

Really, I’m happy to get back to it. I’d be happier still if the baby didn’t want to co-sleep, but that’s another story. I have a house to clean, and lunchbox goodies to bake. I have planning to do and study to take on.
I have writing and making and dreaming and scheming to do – and that’s my favourite thing in the world.

But first I have coffee to drink.
Cheers, dears! xoxo


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