Good Mum Day

I felt that I didn’t have much to say today, so I hadn’t planned to post anything at all. Then I realised I had a good-mum day yesterday, and that was why I had nothing to share. I’ve been made aware that I seem to write a lot about the struggles of parenthood – which I do, I think struggling is a constant undercurrent of the parental state. It’s not that I intend on being a Negative Nancy or anything, Struggletown just has better stories!

However, yesterday was a good-mum day. Despite being incredibly tired and cranky from the sleepless nights stacking up I managed to get the kids out of the house by 10 a.m. We walked to the library with a friend for story time and borrowed books and dvds for the holidays. We joined school friends at the park for a play. We had lunch at the bakery with my sister and her partner. Boo and I left the boys and baby at home and did a little grocery shopping. We had pizza for dinner. There was minimum fighting between the kids for the entire day. See? It was good!

And I felt good too. There’s nothing wrong with getting your Super-Mum on every now and then (or every day if you’re the perky type). I had provided my kids with a good day of entertainment and engagement. We did more than just survive the day, we thrived. I was a good mum.

I was thinking though, why did that day stand out to me as a good one? Is that what being a good mum is all about? A perfect whirlwind of playdates and tidy houses and back-to-back engaging activities? Maybe the days we have to discipline our children make good-mum days. Maybe the days we need to have honest, hard conversations about life and growing up are good mum days. Maybe the days we let them have cake for breakfast because what are rules anyway are good mum days.

Today I’m going to have a good mum day by making them tidy their room and feeding them raw cookie dough by the spoonful.
Because what is parenting without a little good-cop bad-cop… as one person.


Have a beautiful day xoxo


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