Being Wifekins

About Last Week.

What a weird week this has been.

I’ve had a little time away from ‘Being Wifekins’- and not for lack of want, nor some delightful holiday. I wish. As I mentioned on Facebook last week I was booked in to get my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday. Great procedure, highly recommend it </sarcasm>. I thought going under anesthesia was going to be the worst part as I have a massive fear of those dreadful cannula pokey things. And the idea of someone else putting me to sleep wasn’t the greatest thought either. It’s just a little weird isn’t it. Hello, perfect stranger. Have a lot of money and please don’t let me die with your witchcraft drugs.

Turns out I was wrong. It is not the cannula, anesthesia or procedure that is the worst part of having your wisdom teeth removed. It’s the recovery.

First of all, I have never taken so many pain killers in all my life. Secondly, for the best part of a week I looked like the unhappiest hamster in all the land. And thirdly, sharing food with Juju. Actually that last part wasn’t so bad, turns out she rather enjoys roast garlic and pumpkin puree.

Thankfully, my wonderful husband Benji has been around to be Chief Child Wrangler and Lord of Domesticallity. What a blessing is he. I am so thankful for how he takes care of and provides for our little family in so many ways. He totally aced being a stay-at-home-dad too, he’s a man of many talents. I could gush about him for days.

So for the best part of a week I’ve been curled up on the couch watching ‘Packed to the Rafters’ (..don’t judge me) and feeling sorry for myself. It’s been kind of refreshing actually. You know, besides feeling like my face had been blown off. I’ve had so much time to think and reflect. And I’ve seen so much from my little place on the couch that gets lost somewhere in the hustle and bustle of every day life. Like Benji – he’s so good with the kids and absolutely on top of everything. And Boo has been trying so hard to take care of me, she is so sweet and compassionate and nurturing. And Smasher is so affectionate and caring, he’d fix my face if I’d let him. And Juju will in fact sleep if you’re willing to hang out with her for the entire night.

Now I’m far less of a moon-face and able to fend for myself, I think I’m ready to tackle the world again. The house is slowly getting back in shape, ready to invite people over for playdates these school holidays (I know you don’t care, friends. I do). Benji returns to work on Tuesday so I’m claiming back my title as Chief Terrorist Negotiator and CEO of the Wonky Cottage. I’m feeling so ridiculously positive, I’ve even applied to enroll in a course to study the next eighteen months (but more on that another day).
Ah, the future without wisdom teeth is bright.

So, that’s me. Bed is beckoning so I’m going to leave this here and resume regular programming at Being Wifekins tomorrow.
Take care, friends. Hope you’re well!
Jess xo


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