Ten Things I Have Said Way Too Many Times Today

Who thought pupil free days were a good idea? Honestly. All my (older) two have done today is fight. “Over what?” you ask. Nothing. Absolutely flipping nothing. It is so much fun. Welcome to parenthood new mamas and papas – you’re going to love it.

Hat’s off to teachers though, seriously. I am so thankful for their wisdom and patience and willingness to deal with brats darling angels all day long. I could not home school my kids. I actually love the idea, but the reality is perfectly horrifying. I spent one whole day alone with the three kids and I’m ready to hide in bed with a bottle of rum.

And who can afford to do that every day?

Here’s my list of my top ten phrases of the day. It’s no match for my list of Things I Never Thought I’d Have to Say – but it gives you a little insight to the bane of my existence: the monotonous day to day reality of raising little people. Here we go.

Ten Things I Have Said Way Too Many Times Today:

  1. Hand’s to yourself.
  2. Don’t growl at each other.
  3. Go to your room.
  4. No more t.v.
  5. That’s not a breakfast food.
  6. Do you need to wee?
  7. No / don’t do that / leave that alone.
  8. Do I need to build a fence for you guys?
  9. This is your final warning!

exclamation mark x 10,000

I’m sure one day when I’m crazy old I’ll look back on the “good old days” of child wrangling with fondness. Oh look at those cuties. What happened, where did my babies go?
But not today, friends! Not today. This is my battleground. And my word, is it tedious.

Now I’m waiting for all the comments of “but it’s worth it in the end!”.

Yes, yes it will be. Because I will be asleep.

Cheerio xo


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