Being Wifekins

In The Bin

Today is a rubbish day. Here’s a list of all the things that can go in the bin.

1. Early mornings.

2. Summer.

3. Wonky old cottages with no air conditioning.

4. Naps.

5. Banshee-wailing toddlers.

6. Grocery shopping with toddlers.

7. Toddlers.

8. Other shoppers who would rather watch a mum struggle than help her out.

9. Crying in public because being a good mum is hard.

10. Grocery stores who keep the baby trolleys in the sun.

11. Indecisive husbands.

12. Laundry.

13. Those two school shirts that have mysteriously disappeared.

14. Late nights.

15. Hot, sweaty, sleepless babies.

16. Decluttering.

17. The entire kitchen.

18. That one mouse that just won’t leave.

19. Husbands who play “My Favourite Things” to you at 10:15pm.

20. Everything in the world that isn’t bed right now.

And now I have the few words I know to  “My Favourite Things” on a loop in my head. Benjamin is the worst.
I’m playing something ghastly first thing tomorrow morning. Which can also go in the bin.

Goodnight xo


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