Being Wifekins

Nanna-Time at Hub 62

On Saturday, Operation Nanna had their first hook up for 2016!


In case you missed it, Operation Nanna is a creative community I host locally. The idea is to get together monthly to catch up and make stuff – hopefully leading to a solid donation of winter warmers for a local charity/organisation.

Socialising, crocheting, and giving to the community. It’s a dream.

And that’s not even the best part. The best part is meeting new people and picking up a new skill! People from all walks of life coming together, learning from each other, and enjoying an afternoon out.

I didn’t get much crafting done myself, I was a little busy having my Hubshake stolen by a rapscallion toddler.


Oh and the venue is divine! I’ve now declared Hub 62 the official meeting place of Operation Nanna. I’m hoping to return there soon and write a mama-review for you all, but in the mean time go check out their Facebook page. Hub 62 is a cafe in Chiltern (North-East Victoria) attached to the art gallery in the historic Masonic hall. It’s gorgeous and a real privilege to have here locally.

A huge thank you to those who came out in the heat to join us, and to Hub 62 for having us craft in the middle of their cafe!

If you live locally and are interested in Operation Nanna, feel free to join the group over on Facebook. We have people who can teach, start-up packs with yarn and hooks (and patterns when I get my butt into gear!) and access to awesome coffee!

See you next month!


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