Mama Love

I’m not sure if it’s something that’s come with age, or the fact that I have three kids now; but recently I’ve discovered I have a whole lot of mum-love. Mum-love for other mums, mum-love for other women, mum-love for everyone’s superstar kids (or cats). And mum-love for those rad dads, too. An extraordinary amount of mum-love.

I’m super excited about it too. Earlier this year I was at a birthday party a friend of mine threw for her kid. This mama did an amazing job and I was so proud of her, I was practically gushing.Seriously, hosting a child’s birthday is no easy task, and this chick aced it.

Also earlier this year, a couple I’m friends with had their first baby and oh my word did I cry when they announced the birth. Now, I never cried over my own children; perhaps a little tear of relief that the whole birthing ordeal was over snuck out at most. But these guys created this amazing little bundle of life that finally arrived into the world and I totally cried for joy.

It’s like I want to go down the street high-fiving parents and handing out the equivalent of gold-stars. I’m not sure whether that’s a bottle of wine or a latte, it must be some kind of beverage, though. Managing that kid’s tantrum in the supermarket like a boss – sauvignon blanc for you!

This adoration for parents must have come with my third child. I must admit, now that I have three, I do feel like a bit of an old-hand at this parenting gig (I also don’t care that much about what other people think anymore, which is helpful). But I know how tough raising little people can be, how endless and exhausting the work is. I know the struggle of loving your kids, but hating how damn difficult – even horrid – the task can be. And I know how much a little support is very much needed from time to time.

Yesterday over on the Facebook page I shared a little about the half-hour of peace a group of mums were able to provide me, simply by saying nice things and holding a baby. Those little acts of kindness made my day; they’re the things that get you through. No one can raise a kid on their own, and we’re all in the parental struggle together – we may as well be kind to each other.

So I’m going to embrace my mum-love and share it far and wide. It might not be convenient to cart bottles of wine around, but I’m sure I can offer a little support or words of encouragement when I see a fellow parent in need. Man, even just some simple empathy is enough.

Go forth and be awesome, mamas. You’re all superstars.
(Feel free to send me bottles of wine)


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