Five Things That Make Being A Mama Pretty Rad

I have been such a Negative Nancy lately. Not just in the “well, today sucks” kind of way either. Oh no, I’m talking meltdowns so ginormous they put my toddler’s efforts to shame.

What is the point in all this, really?
I clean, I cook, I am elbow deep in nappies – all while children thunder through the house shrieking.
I read picture books and play trains and sing Wiggles songs – all while being yelled at for doing it wrong.
I make nice plans to do nice things with my nice family – while constantly threatening to cancel them as the children fight and scream.

I know, it’s all part of being a parent, right? We all go through it, it will get better some day, blah blah blah. Doesn’t change the fact that it sucks and most days I want out.

So today I am making a deliberate effort to be extra positive. While my little darlings jump on beds and attempt to destroy each other, I’m going to share some of the good stuff (while sucking down every bit of sarcasm bubbling within me).

The Five Best Things About Being A Parent.

  1. When the’re nice to each other.
    If your household is anything like mine, this is a rare occurrence and should be cherished. There really isn’t anything cuter to watch than your kids playing together or helping each other. And a gold star for you if this happens to you on a regular basis.
  2. When they dig your music.
    My kids are hardcore Wiggles fans. And nothing in the world will ever change that (bar age, I hope). However, they will dance to and even request the likes of Green Day, Gerard Way and The Living End. I tell you, there is no greater joy than watching kids jump around to “Prisoner of Society” like the mini anarchists they truly are.
  3. When they show compassion.
    Ten points to Gryffindor for being a top parent! There is no greater gift to our kids than the ability to show compassion. I can’t lie, baby Hulk and Hurricane Boo drive me bananas some days and I wonder if I’m being a good enough parent. But all is okay when I hear how she looks after others in the playground at school, or when he brings me tissues when he thinks I’m sad.
  4. Their sense of humor.
    Our older two have this song and dance called “Shake Your Bottom”. It is everything you imagine and more. Picture a toddler dropping his knees, sticking his butt out and singing “shake your boooooottom” while doing just that. They preformed it at the local church we were visiting last week. Just quietly, it was hilarious.
  5. Watching them learn and discover the beginnings of their passions.
    Boo loves science. Smash loves music. Juju loves chewing on everything. Whatever it is they’re digging right now, it’s an absolute delight to watch them grow and learn a little more about themselves and the world every day.
    They’re going to be incredible big people.

For now, I’m going to bottle up these happy thoughts and head back out into the battle ground. Leaving my sanity at the door. Wish me luck.


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