Being Wifekins

And a Crazy New Year

Hello, dear friends.
And (a belated) happy new year!

May it be one of good health, peace and love for you all.

I have to be a party pooper and confess: I don’t really believe in new years resolutions. It’s cool if you do though, whatever floats your boat. But for me, I could do without the unrealistic expectations that are just bound to make me miserable. Do I want to lose those 20kg? Sure! Will the world end if I don’t? Pretty sure the earth will keep turning, cake or no cake.

I do, however, have some projects in mind for this year. Which I’ll share with you in the form of a list. Nothing gives me greater jollies than a good old fashioned list.

Stuff I May or May Not Do In 2016

1. Read the Bible in One Year.
Because I have so much free time! Seriously, it’s going to be a challenge. I’ll be well practiced in self discipline by the end of this!

2. Write More
I may not be able to update this blog daily, but more than once every three months is desirable!

3. Make More
Crochet, of course! I’m starting to find time for Rocker Crochet Mama, so watch this space! I’m also hoping to pick up some more crafty skills along the way. Creating is so good for the soul.

4. Be Hospitable
Brushing up on not only my housewivery, but my hospitality. I’m longing to let go of the stress and frazzled feelings, and to open not only my home but myself to others freely. This one is going to be tough!

5. Jesus + Women
Two of my favourite topics! This year I’m super excited to explore the women of the bible, and have a think about their (our) ‘place’. I’m hoping to share my thoughts with you, I just need to figure out what that looks like first.

And above all – be intentional.
Intentional with my time, present with my family, active in my community.

Life here in the wonky old cottage is messy (honest + lively), chaotic (vibrant + energised) and a lot of hard work (deeply satisfying). I can’t wait to explore and grow a little more with my little family this year.


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